Week's Up Part Six

     Warning:  This is an unfinished work, I figured that I should just post because it has been far too long since I posted something.  To be honest, I only work when I'm inspired and for the longest time I haven't been.  So enjoy what I could finish.     

    The car’s engine would not say a single word as the two make their way down the city street.  Skyscrapers and lampposts seemed sharp and ever present, the city was alive.  However, the gentlemen didn’t seem to pay much attention to such things, the silence seemed far more important than the city surrounding the two. 
    “For goodness sake, will you quit fidgeting?  It’s not like I’m gonna hurt ya,” the green gentleman said.
    “Try saying that to him,” Volhsen quipped as he continued to look out the window.
    “Him?  Oh, him.”  Xerude recalls what happened only moments earlier, a little bit of what he calls “roughing up” a certain blonde character.  “I’m sure he’s fine.  Is that really the only thing you’re thinking about here?”
    Volhsen’s eyelids dropped a bit,  his eyes trailing the lines of the window.  “No,” he replied softly.  “How exactly did you find me out ‘ere?”
    Xerude chuckled, “You’d be surprised how easy it is to find a cowboy in a city.  Plus, Driver’s car is so big and clunky compared to the rest of the cars here, it isn’t that hard to find a trail of people who have seen you.”
    A few more seconds passed in silence, only when the truck stopped at a red light did Volhsen remember something.  “Where you taking me?  You said we were going somewhere.”
    “We are.  Just a little place I know, my place is way too far away,” Xerude answered.
    With his curiosity settled somewhat Volhsen relaxed himself slightly.  Despite everything that has happened thus far he felt comfortable sitting in that dingy old truck.  Perhaps it was the fact that he spent so much time in this car, driving it back and forth from city to ranch.  Maybe it was something familiar unlike the metal and concrete that surrounded him.  For only a second did he think it was the man that was right next to him, he shook away such thoughts. 
    A few more silent turns had passed before the two arrived at the destination that Xerude sought for.  Parking on the sidewalk Xerude paused for a moment before exiting the car.  “We’re here.”
    Exiting the vehicle Volhsen glanced up at the large building.  A somewhat small skyscraper, much smaller than the rest of the buildings surrounding it, but none the less big stood in front of him.  All of it’s windows were tinted so the only way to find out what was inside the building was to go in.  The only clue that gave the purpose of the building was the name of it which was right above the doorway, Hotel Eros, though this only confused Volhsen further.  “Hotel Eeroes?” 
    Xerude smiled, “It’s pronounced eh-row-s, not ee-rose.”
    Volhsen blushed, this only made him feel more like rube out here in the city.
    “Come on, inside.”  Xerude headed into the dark building, Volhsen quickly following suit. 
    Much to Volhsen’s surprise, the interior of the building completely clashed with the outside.  It was alive and exuberant, the walls a simple yet relaxing color of  beige and pink with a reception desk right in front of them.  To the right of the desk was an elevator within large hallway.  Along the hallway were doors, each with a number assigned to it.  The same was to the left of the desk, more elevators and rooms.  A few customers were out and about, though there was something off about them.  They seemed like your normal folk to Volhsen, but he felt something different.  The people ranged from tall to short, fat to skinny, muscular to the meek.  But they all seemed to be eyeing one another from a distance, sly smiles and lingering gazes and all that.  Each one of them had the same type of air to them, lust.  It took a few seconds for Volhsen to realize where he was, only when a man came out of a room covered in leather did the hammer hit the nail.  “This is a love hotel!” Volhsen exclaimed much too loudly.  The guests stared in smug surprise towards him. 
    Xerude turned around in surprise, “Why are you yelling?”
    “I thought you were gonna explain yerself!”
    “I am, this is just the closest place I knew that we could have any privacy,” Xerude retorted back.  Much to Volhsen’s dismay, Xerude tugged him towards the receptionist.  “Hey there Miharu, can I get a room?”
    “Of course Xerude!  I must say, this boy is different than what you usually bring in.  Though it makes to difference to me, business is business.  Can I offer you the leather room?  The swing was just cleaned today!”
    Volhsen flinched and tried to tug away as he heard this but it was no use, Xerude held tightly.
    “Ah no, not today.  How about you give me a room up on floor twelve?”
    “Really?”  Miharu’s face scrunched up in confusion.  He passed a glance towards Volhsen, “You have never once touched those rooms.  What makes this kid so different?”
    Xerude eyed the desk for a moment, “He’s just special is all.  Can I have the key?”
    Miharu shrugged, “Alright.  I assume that this will be on your tab?”
    “You know me too well Miharu,” he said as he smiled.
    “Yeah yeah, just take the key.  Enjoy your time.”
    “I will.  Come on Volhsen, this way.”  Xerude continued to drag Volhsen by the arm as the two made their way into the elevator.  Pushing the button the elevator started to smoothly go up. 
    Light music seemed to drift within the elevator, though it did little to calm Volhsen down.  “How often do you visit this here place?”
    Xerude sighed, “It’s best to ask that question at a different time.”
    “So, often.”
    “…Yes,” he said reluctantly.
    “And what exactly makes floor twelve so special?  That receptionist down made such a big fuss over it, like it was blue moon or something.”
    “I just never bothered with using them, but I figure that these would suit you best.”
    “Oh.”  Still confused Volhsen stayed silent as the elevator finished its ride, shaking his head as it came to a stop.  “Elevators make me feel funny,” he admitted.
    Xerude laughed, “As innocent as ever.”  The two stepped out of the elevator as Xerude led the way.
    For Volhsen this never felt like a compliment.  Whether it came from Driver or Xerude, it just made him feel childish.  “I still don’t understand what is wrong with that.”
    “You will in a moment.  Ah, here it is.  Room 1263.” 
    With a click the door opened revealing nothing more than a plain hotel room.  A plain bed with clean sheets, one could only assume, with a drawer next to it.  A large glass window with pale blue trim around it was adjacent to the bed.   A few chairs and a table to the right of the window for perhaps dinner or conversation.  No matter how much Volhsen looked at the room it still seemed like a plain old hotel room.  “Such a…simple room.”
    “Like I said, I figured that this would suit you best.  Would you rather have me go back and ask Miharu for the leather room instead?”
    “No no!  This is fine,” the cowboy admitted.
    “Alright then.” 
    The two entered the room, the door shutting quietly behind them.  Unsure of what to do Volhsen sat down on the bed which squeaked under its newfound weight.  Xerude on the other hand drifted towards the window.  “It’s a nice room,” the cowboy offered.
    “Yes, it is.”  Xerude continued to stare out the window.
    Volhsen gulped, the only sound one could hear in the quiet room.
    “I guess I should start with the obvious things, shouldn’t I?” Xerude asked as he turned around.
    Volhsen could only nod, though he was unsure of what the obvious things were.
    Xerude let out a long sigh, “You’re…different than most of the guys I’ve been with.  They usually look for a quick fix or tag around for a couple days before I ditch them.  But you…you’ve got morals, values, your…” Xerude grimaced, “…innocent.”
    Volhsen bolted up, “That’s all I ever hear from you!  What’s so goddamn wrong with that?!”
    Xerude set his hands down on the shoulders of a now steaming Volhsen, “Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  It’s just…I’m what’s wrong with that.”
    The cowboy‘s face srunched in confusion.  “I…don’t understand.”
    “Remember when I told you ‘you’ve gotta be bad to live your life to the fullest’?”
    Volhsen nodded, “Yes,” he said warily.
    “I stand by that, you’ve got to live all that you can, good and bad.  But you’re the exception.”
    “You need to stay good, not bad!  I mean, you shouldn’t do…bad things!”  Xerude felt as if he was simply spouting words now, none of them making the closest bit of sense.  “You should just stay innocent.”
    “Why?” Volhsen asked unsurely. 
    “Because…the people that surround you for the obvious reason of sex aren’t good people.  But you…you’re a good kid.  You shouldn’t be tainted with anything like that.”
    “Why shouldn’t I?  You said I had to be bad to live, what’s wrong with that?  You said I had to listen to what my heart says, it’s saying to be bad.  Why can’t I have that?”
    “Because!  If anyone is going to corrupt you it’s going to be me!” Xerude yelled as he held Volhsen’s face towards his.  “I’m going to be the only one that gets to touch you, got it?  No one else.  You are mine to corrupt, period,” he said quietly.
    “Wha?   What?  I don‘t understand.”  Volhsen’s head was nothing more than a fuzzy warm haze now.
    “What I’m saying is,” Xerude paused a moment to push the cowboy onto the soft bed. “…you’re about to be bad.”  The green gentleman climbed on top Volhsen, his knee nudging itself between the young boy’s legs.  Taking Volhsen’s hat, Xerude threw it across the room, it landing causally down upon a chair.  The green gentleman came close to Volhsen now, his breath intertwining with the young cowboy’s.  “Don’t have much too say right now do ya?” Xerude teased. 
    Volhsen shook his head vehemently, only a whimper as his answer.
    “Haha, good.  Cause I’d hate for you to start talking when I’m trying to do this.”  Xerude set his lips on the young boy’s, the warmth of which nearly drove him mad.  He knew better though, the best decision was to take it slow Xerude concluded.
    For Volhsen this was the second time kissing this man.  The lips of Xerude tasted warm and inviting, like a freshly lit fireplace.  It was new yet familiar feeling for the boy as a sense of lust overtook his body.  Letting out only a small whimper Volhsen clutched tightly to the gentleman’s green mane, stands of which danced upon his neck.
    Caressing the cowboy’s head Xerude started to laugh, “You know, you have to open your mouth to make out.” 
    Embarrassment shook Volhsen out of his haze for a moment, his eyes shooting wide only to see the loving gaze of Xerude. “Oh.”  Shutting his eyes, Volhsen awkwardly opened his mouth for the man.
    Xerude was taken aback and started to laugh once more, never before, he thought, has a man made this experience feel so new.  Quietly thanking Volhsen for being so obedient, his tongue gleefully made it’s way into the rancher’s mouth.  The taste thrilled him, he tasted, in a word, natural, unlike the city boys whose tongues always seemed to remind him of an industrial worksite.  As his tongue explored his hand did the same, slowly making a trail from the young man’s head to his chest.  There was a fervent beating that he could feel from the man which only made Xerude swell with pride knowing that he had such an effect on the cowboy.
    The cowboy in question was feeling the full effect of Xerude.  He held tighter to the man as if he was simply scared of falling, his fingers weaving into the man’s hair, like thin tan vines among a lush forest.  Volhsen’s breath quickened beneath the gentleman’s touch, though it was difficult to even catch such a breath as his lips were still locked to Xerude’s.  A gasp escaped his lips as he started to realize that Xerude was undressing him, “Xerude…”
    The man nuzzled Volhsen’s cheek reassuringly, “Don’t worry, I’ll go slow for you, that’s how you want it, right?”, Xerude murmured.
    The young rancher was able to muster up a small noise as an apparent “yes”.  As Xerude’s fingers worked their way down his shirt, each button opening with a sudden pop, Volhsen started to breath harder and harder.  He started to feel the cold air of the room mixed with the warmth that was emanating from the man in front of him. 
    With a silent pop, the last button became undone revealing Volhsen’s bare chest to the green gentleman.  Xerude smiled as he sat up right on his knees, the cowboy’s hands dropping from his hair. 
    The green gentleman was happy with what was before him, a smooth chested young man, not a drop of hair on him.   Joy filled his face as he saw the rancher’s chest go up and down from his heavy breaths.  He let his hands just barely glide above the young man’s chest, only slightly touching him.  This was more than enough to release a few groans and whimpers from Volhsen.  Xerude started to let his fingers trail the young man’s chest, each one feeling like a hot spark to Volhsen. 
    As Xerude continued to play with the cowboy Volhsen was reeling over the edge.  It was too much for the young man, or perhaps not enough, he wasn’t quite sure.  “Please…stop teasing me Xerude, just touch me,” he managed to say.
    “Well look at you, aren’t you brave.”  Xerude chuckled, “Very well, since you asked so kindly.”  The man bent down and started to kiss Volhsen’s neck, leaving visible marks on his virgin flesh.   His hands did the same, groping and fondling the cowboy, making sure not one piece of the man was left untouched. 
    Volhsen did the same, though not as graceful as Xerude.  His hands seemed to tremble as his hands ran the course of the thick man’s frame.  Volhsen motioned to sit up right and Xerude followed suit.  With the two facing each other now their lips seemed to find each other once again as their hands pawed at one another. 
    Xerude’s hands worked quick to get the shirt off of Volhsen, in doing so his hands brushed against the rancher’s thick forearms, each one tense with nervousness and lust. 
    Volhsen tried to remove Xerude’s shirt just as quickly as he did to him but with no such luck.  The shirt managed to cling to the green gentleman’s head like a magnet.  Embarrassed, Volhsen gave up and put his hands to his face in hopes to hide his shame. 
    Xerude laughed, “It’s alright.”  Removing the shirt he took away Volhsen’s hands from his face and started to kiss them.  “It’s alright…” 
    Taking in one of Volhsen’s fingers he started to lick the entire length of the cowboy’s index finger.   Blushing, Volhsen quickly looked away.  “That’s embarrassing.”
    “Volhsen, look at me,” Xerude murmured.
    Opening only one eye Volhsen looked toward Xerude.  He let out a gasp as he saw Xerude lick each one of his digits, even sucking his middle finger.  The warmth of the gentleman’s mouth caused Volhsen to whimper, “Xerude…” the man whined.  Releasing the finger from it’s wet cage the gentleman hoisted Volhsen up by his butt onto his lap, the cowboy now straddling him.  Ironically enough, the young man found this to be quiet comfortable as his legs instinctively wrapped themselves around Xerude. 
    As the two started to kiss once more Xerude started to unbutton Volhsen’s jeans.  This prompted a gasp from Volhsen though Xerude quickly quieted him down with a few kisses.  “It’s ok, you knew this was coming right?” he said in between kisses.  With deft hands he released Volhsen’s throbbing member from it’s denim prison though it was still concealed by it’s white uniform.  Xerude started to caress the pulsing beast and asked, “How often did you touch yourself thinking about me?  Be honest,” the man cooed.
    Volhsen groaned and fell onto his back, his hands covering his face, though it did little to hide his shame.  “Since ya first kissed me.  I couldn’t stop thinking about ya…” Volhsen answered softly. 
    “Heh, was that why you were holed up in your room for so long?” the green gentleman teased as he started to peel back the man’s underwear.
    The young man’s body writhed and wriggled on the bed, “Nhhgg….Yes,” he said in labored breaths.
    “I figured as much.”  With the elastic down by Volhsen’s thighs now the cock was at full attention, occasionally twitching with excitement.  As it stood there was a small trail of pre flowing from it, dribbling down the head of the cock.  “Did you think about me touching you like this?”  Xerude glided his hand around the width of the cock, twisting and pumping it slightly. 
    “Ahhh!  Yes…” Volhsen’s voice melted into grateful moans. 
    “And…”  Xerude paused to quickly tug Volhsen closer, his thighs wrapping tighter around his waist as it presented it’s meaty present.  “…Did you think about me doing something like this?”  The green gentleman bent over and allowed his tongue to leave a shimmering trail of saliva from the base to the tip of the young man’s quivering dick.  
    Quickly Volhsen’s hands shot from his side to Xerude’s head, holding him back from finishing his job.  “Xerude!” the rancher called out.
    “Now now, it’s alright.  Just enjoy yourself.” 
    As Volhsen tentatively dropped his hands Xerude took the man’s shaft into his mouth, welcoming it to the warmth within.  For the young man this was simply too much for him.  It was sharp and hot, like a newly made blade fresh from the fire.  As the tongue traveled its course Volhsen’s head started to spin.  To have his own dick being sucked on by another man, he never thought the day would come.  However, as he laid his head back in pure pleasure he didn’t care about anything anymore, not even if the next day didn’t come. 
    Keeping the young cowboy elated, Xerude hastily undid his own pants as well, his cock springing out like a ready-to-fire gun, hair trigger included.  Releasing the young man’s throbbing member from it’s scorching home Xerude got off the bed and headed toward the drawer.  “Wait a second, I have to get something.”
    Volhsen nodded, though he was unsure of what exactly the man was searching for.  Volhsen continued to stare at the man as he perused the contents of the drawer until his attention was drawn south.  Xerude’s dick was still hard, protruding from his waist like a horizontal flagpole. 
    “Heh, you want a taste?  It‘s only fair since I did yours,” Xerude asked with a smile.
    The rancher’s instant reaction was to turn away, however, swallowing his gut feeling, Volhsen crawled to the edge of the bed.  Volhsen stared at the beast as if it was ready to attack him any second.  Reaching out he let his the tips of his finger brush against the head then sliding his fingers around the cock in a light grip. 
    Volhsen looked up at Xerude for reassurance, his reply was, “Come on, you know what to do.”
    Licking his lips, Volhsen curved over and let the member brush against the side of his face.  The scent of the man was overwhelming, the cowboy wondered why he didn’t notice it before.  It was strong and thick, not a fragrance, but a musk that drew him closer.  With his hand still wrapped around the cock Volhsen started to pump as his tongue crawled along the side of it. 
    Xerude sucked in a small amount of air, hissing as he did so, “Just like that.”  His hands started to caress the young man’s hair, roaming in his autumn strands. 
    Taking that as a cue, Volhsen let his tongue travel around the cock, like a swirling staircase.  After a few more seconds, he yelped in pain as his head was pulled back by two strong hands. 
    “Shit, you keep on doing that then I’m gonna come way too early.  Ha, well at least we won’t need this anymore.”  Xerude held in his hand a small bottle with the words “Lucky Lube” printed in bright letters on it. 
    Volhsen’s eyes went wide, “Oh.”  Gathering himself to his knees, the young rancher said, “Right.”  Just before Xerude was about to lunge at the innocent boy Volhsen remembered something.  “Wait!  Um, aren’t you forgetting something?”
    Xerude’s brow furrowed forward in a tight knot, “What?”  The question didn’t seem to register for the man.
    “You know…” the cowboy stated as he played with his hands.
    Despite the question being posed in front of him, Xerude thought it was quite cute of Volhsen to be twiddling his thumbs with his cock still stiffer than a brick.  It only took a second before he realized what the cowboy was asking, “Oh!  You mean a condom.”
    The boy shifted on the bed, “Yeah,” he said quietly.
    Xerude grimaced, even though he understood fully well why the man wanted him to wear a condom, he never liked wearing one much.  Every time he wore one he couldn’t shake the feeling that he was wearing a dunce cap.  However, he didn’t want anything to stop him from having the cowboy in front of him, so, shuffling through the drawer once again, he pulled out a condom, fresh and new, just waiting to used.  Tearing off the wrapping with his teeth, he yanked the latex from the packaging and secured it around his dick.  The condom itself with a tad roomy, which he was grateful for.  He’d much rather feel the tightness of the man in front of him rather than the latex.  With himself properly armored he gestured toward the rancher, “Is this fine for you?”
    Volhsen nodded, “Yessir,” his words melting together.  “Um, how do you want me?” he asked in a quiet tone.
    “Well I’m gonna have to see it to be in it, now don’t I?”
    The cowboy blushed, even though he has kissed this man, felt nearly every part of his body, and sucked on his cock, knowing that Xerude was going to be in him soon made the red pool beneath his cheeks once more.  “Right,” repositioning himself, he turned around and laid upon the bed, his ass high in the air as he rested on his arms, “Is this alright with you?” he asked facing the mattress.    Laughter exploded from behind him, “What, what is it?!”  he questioned frighteningly.
    “Nothing, nothing, it’s just…You’re presenting yourself to me.  It’s cute,” he replied as he crept closer to the young man’s muscular butt letting his fingers glide across the virgin skin.  Kneeling down, Xerude set his lips upon Volhsen’s curves, occasionally leaving a trail of saliva from his tongue.  “You taste really good,” Xerude whispered.  Just from the taste alone Xerude wanted to ravish the young man on the spot.  Though having being fucked once or twice without warning he knew better. 
    Slowly inserting the tip of his finger into the young man’s ass he stroked Volhsen’s cock, giving only nurturing murmurs.  “Is this alright?” he asked in a husky tone.
    The cowboy squirmed on the bed, gripping the sheets and breathing heavily into the sheets as he did so.  Volhsen very well knew that it was only a finger, but it felt nothing more than a post shoving it’s way up his ass.  “Ahh!”  Volhsen let out a whimpering moan as he teeth scraped the sheets.  Xerude wiggled his finger within the confines of the man hoping to relax his inner walls.  This only made Volhsen clamp tighter, the sheets and his asshole. 
    Xerude smirked, “You’re gonna have to relax or else it’ll hurt a lot more.  Just breath.”
    Volhsen knew this was no easy task, it went against his instinct, however, he struggled to breath normally, mentally reminding himself to take it one breath at a time.  It only took a few seconds before he could relax himself enough for Xerude to take notice.
    “Yes, just like that.  Ok, now I’m gonna put in another finger, ok?”  Xerude’s tone assumed one that sounded like a kindergarten teacher, reminding his students to pick up after themselves.  As he inserted another finger into the fleshy walls of the cowboy he wagged both of his fingers inside the boy, playing teasing his senses.
    This drove the cowboy insane, not only did it hurt but it felt good to him.  It was the confusion that set the boy to the edge.  Wanting more, yet resisting every bit of it.  “Xerude…please…more.” Volhsen begged. 
    The young man’s voice startled Xerude, not expecting such honesty from the inexperience Volhsen.  He tried his best to calm his voice, only to come up with a shaky answer, “Are you sure?”
    “Ahh!  Yes, please!”
    “Shit, you can’t say things like that.  I’m losing my control here,” Xerude muttered.  Withdrawing his fingers from the flesh confines the green gentleman repositioned himself, his cock staring squarely at the hole.  Trying his hardest not to kill the boy, he slowly let himself enter the young boy’s ass.  Warmth overtook him for a second, like a wrecking ball it hit his mind with full force.  Struggling to keep sane, Xerude asked, “Is this alright?  Do you want me to go slower?”
    “Ahh, Xerude!  More!  Please, give me more!  I can’t take it anymore!  Just please…”  All inhibitions seemed to be drained away from Volhsen, only to be left with near uncontrollable lust.
    Xerude grimaced, “Volhsen…I don’t want to hurt you,” he replied, voice strained.
    Volhsen didn’t say anything for a moment, he breath fogging the sheets.  Turing slightly over his shoulder, Volhsen looked straight at Xerude, his eyes ablaze, “Xerude.  Hurt me.”
    Hurt me.  Those were the only two words that rang in Xerude’s mind at that moment.  Screaming, Xerude shoved his cock all the way to the hilt into the cowboy’s virgin bum. 
    Volhsen screamed in reply, his voice straining at the top of his lungs, his breath barely keeping him awake.  His scream slowly melted into a moan, filled with anguish and desire.  “X..eru..de,” Volhsen could hardly say the man’s name completely, each letter a strain on his throat.
    Xerude growled in frustration, his breath heavy as he climbed on top of Volhsen.  His left hand found it’s way atop Volhsen’s gripping it tightly as his right did the same to Volhsen’s forehead.  This move only caused his cock to go even deeper into the man’s frame, creating a high groan to come from the cowboy. 
    “Xerude…ahh…I…want to see you.  All of you.”
    Responding quickly, Xerude pulled out of Volhsen, quickly turning the boy onto his back.  Seeing him so open and warm made the green gentleman caress his sweet face, bringing the boy’s lips to his own.  Lifting Volhsen’s legs, Xerude reentered the man with a renewed vigor. 
    The cowboy let out a small yelp, only to be silenced with swift kisses.  Wrapping his hands and legs around the green man’s thick frame, Volhsen held firmly as Xerude thrust his cock into his body.  With each piercing move the cowboy moaned and groaned, each breath flowing its way through Xerude’s ear. 
    Xerude began to fuck the young man faster now, holding the man as close as possible as he could to his body.  Their bodies continued to grazed each other, a thin layer of sweat developing between the two men.  With every thrust Xerude could feel the cowboy’s fervent heartbeat beating in his own chest. 
    The cowboy felt everything, every thrust, every sound, every pulse.  As he head rang and his vision blurred, all he could do was hang tighter onto the green gentleman.  “Xerude…” the man whined.
    “What?” Xerude whispered.
    “I think I’m gonna cu-AHHH!”
    With a firm hand Xerude clamped around the boy’s dick, squeezing it for a few seconds then releasing. 
    “Ah…What was that for?”
    “Heh, did you really think I was gonna let you cum that soon?  Not a chance.  Now that I know just how much you want me, I’m going to enjoy this.”  Lifting the boy up, Xerude leaned back letting his frame hit the bed.  Pulling Volhsen with him, the cowboy sat squarely on the gentleman’s lap.  “Now start riding.”
    Volhsen was taken aback, not only did the new position cause Xerude’s dick to drill even further into the young man, but now Xerude could see all of Volhsen.  “Xerude, I don’t think I can-”
    “Come now, you’re a cowboy, ride me,” Xerude replied with a silly grin.
    Volhsen just sat still, his hands pawing Xerude’s chest. “…”
    “Well, if you don’t start…” Xerude thrust his hips upward with a hard shift, “…then I will!”
    “AHH!  Ok ok!”  Balancing himself on the hairy man’s chest, Volhsen lifted his butt ever so slightly and let himself drop back down.  With his entire being weighing himself down on the man’s cock, the young man struggled to repeat the motion.  Only did the soft stare of the green gentleman push him to continue.  Lifting himself again and again, his own cock started to respond, recovering quickly from it’s earlier attack.  “Ah, Xerude, I’m feeling-AH!”
    “Feeling what?”
    “Will you please?”
    “Please what?”
    Volhsen bit his lip, he didn’t believe that he was asking this, “…Let me come this time?”
    Xerude sighed a satisfied breath, “Very well.”  Holding tightly to Volhsen’s hips, Xerude thrust his dick faster into the young man’s rear, sending wave after wave of heat into him. 
    It was only after a few more thrust did the young boy’s body finally erupt.  “AHHH!!”  Stream after stream of cum shot out of the cowboy, each one landing in neat even lines across the man’s hairy chest.  “Xerude,” the man moaned. 
    “Shit, you’re really tightening up!  Argh!!”  Xerude’s body finally let itself go, releasing his entire self into the young man.  Xerude felt his cock twitch inside the boy, each one causing another dribble of cum to pool inside the condom. 
    The two men, out of breath and energy just stared at one another, however, Xerude had a satisfied smile on his face while Volhsen looked disheartened.

Update - Taking a break

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Week's Up Part Five


        His hair whipped underneath his helmet in green cracks, the motorcycle passing cars ever so easily.  The engine roared as he continued on his path, though the city was so far away.  He has been on the road only for a few minutes but he's managed to make it out of the Rowdy Ranch as it was no where in sight.  Ok ok!  Gotta think.  Now where the hell would that little cowboy be?!  He doesn't go to the city much so it isn't like he has a specific destination, all he wants is to get laid...But there's a million places in the city to get that!  Damn it!  Xerude growled in frustration as he torn into the long road.  Xerude sighed, the breath fogging up the visor, Just focus on getting there first, finding him will come later. Though he thought these words they did little to calm him.  All he could do was let his engine roar as he continued on toward the city.


     The cowboy's stomach roared as waited patiently for his food to come.  Barely inside of the city the young man had stopped at a local coffee shop to just get some food in him.  Skipping breakfast wasn't wise..., he thought.  Neither did stopping at this shop of all others, it seemed to him that it looked run down yet thriving.  Situated in the corner of the shop he had a view of the entire place, from its cappuccino machines to its obviously bored servers.  It looked as bleak as he felt.  Looking out of the shop window Volhsen wondered just how he was going to achieve his little mission.  I came here to get it over with but how?  I don't know the city at all, much less where to...have sex.  Volhsen groaned, I'm even thinking prudish.  God I'm unbelievable.  Volhsen slumped and buried his face into his arms. 
      "Now then, what has made this cowboy so sad?"  A voice cut clear through his self pity.  Looking up he saw an older man, perhaps 25 or 26.  Short sun blonde hair with a goatee to match wearing only a white tee, black pants and red suspenders.  "You alright?" the man asked as he took the seat across from him.
      "Um...yes."  Volhsen managed to say as he stared nervously out the window.
      "Doesn't seem like it but I guess I'll take your word for it.  The name's Draedev."  His hand stretched across the table.
      "...Volhsen," he said hesitantly as he shock the man's hand.   

        "So, what's a fish like you doing in a city like this?  You really don't look like you're from here," the man questioned.
      "Um, well, I just needed to get away from something," Volhsen admitted.  Or someone...he thought.
      "An escape of sorts huh?"  Draedev leaned back slightly against his chair slumping in the process.  With his face partly out of the window a slight shadow was casting itself on his face.
      "Yeah..."  Volhsen looked out of the window once more.
      "Well the city is a great place to do so!  There is all sorts of things to find in the city, always something new."
      "Really?  Ya think so?"
      "I know so.  Maybe you need to just find something relaxing.  Or someone..."  He let the proposition hang in the air, the atmosphere dense with a sharp heaviness.  He was no longer slouching, but he was upright, his eyes teasing.
      Words couldn't form from Volhsen's mouth.  All that escaped was an awkward chuckle.  An odd answer to my odd prayer.  I guess it's fate.  Unsure of himself, or rather, the situation, Volhsen timidly asked, "Ya mean, you?"
      Draedev smirked as his foot crawled up the inner thigh of Volhsen's pants.  "What do you think?" he asked in a low voice.
      The cowboy gulped, Gosh, his foot's high enough to count the change in my pocket!  Wh
at in Sam hill am I supposed to say now?  He let silence be his response, "..."
      The man chuckled, "Guess that this doesn't happen too often to you, huh?  Well, don't worry.  I'll be gentle," he said as he scratched his nose.
      This is what I wanted right?  Just do it.  With the last shred of his doubt tucked away Volhsen managed a nod as he continued to stare down at the table.
      "Heh, let's head in the back alright?"  Draedev got up and motioned him to follow. 
      Volhsen complied, his head down along the way.  A few hoots and hollers from the coffee's shop patrons followed suit.  His ears turned a blushing red. 
  As soon as they both exited through the back Draedev immediately pushed the cowboy against the alley wall, his back hitting the cold brick with a loud thud.  The man's lips pressed themselves against Volhsen's neck, leaving a glistening trail of drool across his veins.  He let out a wince, "Please, be gentle..."  
       "I said don't worry about it, it'll be fine..."  Draedev's tone was dark, like a moonless night.  
       Just let it be over with...Just hurry!  I can just do this and get it over with! 
      Volhsen let his eyes shut tight as Draedev continued his attack on his neck.  He seemed to savor his skin for what felt like hours.  His hands groping every muscle on the cowboy's body.  "Hah...so muscular."  Draedev sounded like zombie, his voice so low and tainted.  
      He just continued to wince.  This is what I wanted, this is what I wanted, this is what I wanted...  This soon became the cowboy's personal mantra, repeating it over and over again to reassure himself.  For a moment he seemed to forget about Draedev as his main focus was only on his own words.  It took a few seconds for him to realize that Draedev actually had stopped.  "Why, why did you stop?" he asked breathily.  He opened his eyes slowly to only see Xerude choking the breath of out Draedev.


    This motherfucker, I'll fucking kill him!  I'll kill him for laying a hand on Volhsen!  The man struggled to breath as he tried hopelessly to get Xerude's hand away from his throat, his eyes striving to keep themselves open.
     "Stop!  Oh god stop!  Xerude!  Xerude!" 
     Volhsen's voice seemed to snap him out of his trance, his eyes darting quickly to match Volhsen's. 
     He was scared.
     Xerude's grip loosened on the man causing him to fall to his knees.  "Volhsen..."
     "What are you doing here?!"  The cowboy's voice was frantic.
     "I'm here to get you back!  I can't believe you listened to me!  Going to the city to have sex!?  What were you thinking?"
     Volhsen's jaw tightened as his chest swelled.  Only a second passed before he exploded.  "What was I thinking?!  I was thinking that I am sick and tired of caring about what you think!  I'm tired of everyone thinking they know me!  I don't care if you think if I'm innocent or not!  I don't care if I have experience or not!  I don't!  I...I...I hate you!"
     Xerude stayed quiet and still, his eyes raised in surprise.  The man on the other hand had already gotten up and started limping out of the alley way.  "Fuck this..."
     "God damn it I hate you so much!  Ever since I've met you you've been nothing but trouble for me!  I wouldn't have ever done any of this if it wasn't for you!  I wouldn't have to feel this nervous, or angry, or flushed, or...or...  Damn it, I don't even know what I'm trying to say anymore..."  Volhsen's voice started to come out in pants, his breathing hiccuping.  He put a hand to his forehead as tears stared to flow.  "I don't know what I'm even trying to say anymore...You're the one who did this to me...I don't even know-mmmph?"
     Xerude clasped Volhsen face and pressed his lips against his.  His hands wandered down the cowboy's backside and clutched him tightly, bringing him in so closely. 
     Volhsen pushed away, but only to catch his breath.  His hand covered his lips, his brows furrowed in anger and confusion. 
     "There.  That shut you up."
     Anger quickly shined across Volhsen's face but it swiftly dissipated as Xerude picked him up and carried him over his shoulder.  "Hey!  What are you doing!"
     Xerude didn't answer as tossed him inside the nearby parked truck.  He quickly made it over to the driver side and turned on the ignition, the old thing coughing fit to die. 
     "Xerude where are you taking me?!  Xerude!"
     The green gentleman calmly leaned forward and clutched Volhsen's head close, his breath gliding over his ear, "Look, Volhsen, do you think you're the only one here who feels like they don't know what the hell their doing?  Well, you're not."  Xerude pulled back, "Look at me, do I really strike you as the type of guy who would search an entire city to find a guy like you?"
      Volhsen didn't have an answer for that.
      "Well I'm not.  Just let me take you somewhere private.  So I can at least explain myself.  Is that alright with you?"
       Volhsen looked outside the window for a moment.  He glanced back toward Xerude, "Alright."
       "Alright then."  Xerude pulled out of the parking space and started down the road.  The street was luckily enough empty, not a single car in their way.   


Guest Story of the Week - Rouge and Skxs (The Encounter - Part 2)

      It had been nearly an hour the incident. Laila was working on her little garden for the time being while Zaver was searching with Zulf and Toraz for the guy who supposedly robbed Zulf blind ‘Hope there ok, don’t need more incidents’  she stares out to the road that leads into the woods. She gets up and walks to their little banana tree in the corner and picks off some dried up leaves. As she does so Eliz walks up to her nearly being hit by a dried leaf from the tree.

“Whoa hold you’re your fire!”

“Omg, Eliz! I’m so sorry I didn’t see you there!”

“It’s ok, hey where you been, thought you were going to stop by”

“Oh, Eliz I’m so sorry I’ve been busy lately” (You have no idea)

“Really? Well I’ve brought the map I told you about, let me get it”

                His white fur bounces with every movement as he searches through his bag for the map. Laila focuses mainly on his pale green eyes. Her eye wanders around his body ‘I’ve never noticed how cute he is until now….Laila snap out of It, he’s your friend not…you know… ugh’

“Well here you go, it tells you everything about Huminia, rumors, short cuts and even some travel sightings, this map includes even lost points so if your lost and you recognize something on the map you found where you are, pretty cool right!?”

“Cool, hey you mind if I borrow it for a while”

“Ah, keep’em, got plenty more any ways”

“Oh thanks Eliz”

                She throws her arms around him and gives him a gentle hug. ‘What the…. Why is she doing this’ he looks down to see her smiling. ‘His fur… it so soft and smells like pine… WHOA Laila get a grip’ She pulls away and thanks him. Eliz walks down the hill and fires a purple flair. Laila knows what the flair means, its Eliz’s way of saying good bye. ‘You’re so weird but… cute’ Laila walks back inside the house and spreads the map on the table. She then goes over to the shelves and grabs a black box with a button on the side.

“Zaver, you there”+.

“Ya, we got the money back, he put up a chase but we got him”

“Ok, hurry back”

                As she places the box down on map, in the corner she spots something moving. As she gets a better view, she sees a monkey reaching over the fence for the bananas. She runs out and grabs the rock next to her bamboo pole.


                She hits the monkey dead on. The rock landing right on his forehead had sent him flying backwards.


                Meanwhile back in the forest, “So, why did ya hire a samurai,” he glares over at Toraz,” a bit much don’tcha think?” Zulf smirks a little and snickers “You never know what’s going to happen.”

“I guess but still a bit much”

“Eh, honestly don’t matter much what others think, it’s just for the... um... safety of my consumers.”(He snickers) as he looks down at Toraz’s butt.

“Ok, fine, let’s just hurry back”

“What that thing in your hand” he points to little black box in Zaver’s hand. “Oh, this, it’s called a walkie-talkie, some elves from the city…. um …. Gave it to us,” Zaver smiles and chuckles slightly. Toraz makes a face and responds to Zaver’s odd behavior, “Thief”. Zaver’s stops laughing and begins to be stern. “It’s not thievery if they throw them at you,” he lift his right sleeve to reveal a small bump “so back off!” Toraz gives Zaver the exact same look when they fighting, piercing eyes, barring teeth. Zaver just turns and just ignores him. He crosses his arms behind his head “Zulf, do you know where were even going,” Zaver stops and looks around “because I think we passed that rock three times?!” He points to an oddly shaped rock, clearly recognizable. Zulf flips and turns the map and gives a half smile to Zaver. Zaver’s right ear twitches, he lets out a low sigh “You’re telling me that you don’t know where we are!?” Zulf, still searching the map, gives a blushing smile,” Um…Hehe … I think were lost?”  Zaver’s ear twitches once more, Toraz grunts and rolls his good eye. Zaver let out a sigh and radios Laila.

“Yo, Laila, you there”

“Ya, I’m here, what’s up”

“Zulf here got us lost, were next to this weird looking rock” (Zulf blushes) Zaver gives him a look.

“With three side’s right, one pointed, one curved, and one flat? Then I know where you’re at, you’re on a trail that splits in two, one leads to the fields were the elves have their farms, oh, that’s were also Volhsen lives, remind me to stop by his place and give him some fruit while at it,” there is a rustling sound of Laila’s harvest basket being loaded on the other side of the talkie.

“Laila, focus, where are we exactly,” The Talkie is silent for a few moments when Laila finally answers.

“Oh, right, right, ok go on the path on your left, it’s called Shaman trail (Toraz goes pale), apparently there have been reports of the elusive forest Shaman helping any one in need maybe if you see him he’ll help you if you get lost again! Right Zulf” Zaver turn to sees Zulf staring at Toraz’s rear end.

“Um…O-k got it Laila see you in a bi-“

“Hey is it ok if I visit Volhsen for a bit, just to give him some fruits and show him some flowers I grew?” There is a sign of hope in her voice as she awaits his answer, for a brief moment Zaver remembers the look she gives when she was little. An innocent face backed with puppy dog eyes ‘Great’. Zaver gives in to the memory “*Ugh* fine go head but don’t go through forest got it”

“Yay, thanks Zaver, oh just remember to take the path on the left ok, see ya tomorrow”

“Bye Laila” Zaver snatches Zulf’s map as he looks at the trail Laila mentioned as he looks through the map for any obstacles, he looks up to see Zulf starting to wonder to the front end of Toraz, Zaver just turns around and ignores the rather love sick wolf. “She said to go left” he calls over his shoulder “so let’s go.” Zaver begins to walk ahead while Toraz finally regains his stance and walks slowly after Zulf shoves him.



“Yo! Eliz you here” She looks around the rather messy store. Maps were scattered everywhere, photos and documents were stacked dangerously in piles on counters and tables. “Gees, I wonder how he manages to keep everything in order,” she sees a book on the floor filled of sketches of houses and some doodles of what appeared to be…. Zaver and Laila when they were kids! It was so well detailed that it even showed when Zaver let his hair grow out on his cheeks. She looks through the pictures a bit more, some where her when she was by the pool others of Zaver when he was training with Eliz or when he was helping her out, some were land portraits with vibrant colors, but when she flipped the page she sees probably one of his best works yet it was Laila from this morning so much attention went into it. As Laila examines it a bit more, there is a footstep up stairs. As if by instinct she gathers the sketches and places them were she found them.

“Hey Laila why are you here for?”

“Well I’m going to visit one my friends in the fields, his name is Volhsen.” She reaches into her pack and pulls out a picture of a rather studly cowboy.

“Cool, hey I’ll go with you to keep you company, if it’s ok with you” He looks over at her and smiles a bit. Laila lets out a slight sigh and finally gives in to his look. “Fine you can, but remember were leaving right now,” she looks over to his clock and notices that he already had his backpack on. “I’m only letting you go with me because you know how to get there.” They ran out of town, Laila’s sandals flopping like mad, creating a steady beat while Eliz's boots give a loud thump. After half an hour of running Laila and Eliz slow down to a steady walk after Rowdy Ranch came into view. As Laila reaches down into her bag to grab her water bottle when there is a loud thump behind her. She swings her head around only to find Eliz on the floor with dirt on his face.”Hehe, sorry I guess I tripped on the roots over there” Eliz cheeks go scarlet red. “Oh come on, were almost, gggrrrr, dam you weigh a wwwhhhhooooaaaa!!!!” Laila falls back with Eliz falling on her. ”Oh my, I’m sorry Laila,” his cheeks are burning hot and a bulge is forming in his pants. He gets up rapidly and grabs her up without looking at her “We should continue walking.” Laila grabs her bottle and looks up, “Ah, don’t worry I’m fine big boy, hahaha, let’s go dude!” The two continue running when something catches her eye, it appeared to be a golden flower. Laila exclaims how gorgeous it was to Eliz and how it was so healthy because of its stem. Eliz was paying hardly any attention to everything she said and began to wonder ‘If she this kind to nature and even still kind to me after my little incident (he blushes)… she’s such a hidden flower’. Eliz smiles at her and places the flower into his bag.


“That’s odd the growth off the foliage increases from here” Zaver looks the environment both ways and hears a hissing sound in the distance” maybe there a stream or something near bye” Zaver stops to see a blockade of bamboo. “Hhhmmm dead end “Hey Toraz you mind helping me cut this down” Toraz just grunts and looks toward the side. ‘Gees, what do you have to look at’ he draws his sword and slices at some bamboo in his way. Zulf looks down at the map, “It’s a straight line from here, but we still have a way to go.” Zaver looks up at the sky “Its nearly dark and a storm is on its way we should get moving!” They walk for a few more minutes when Zaver hears a rustle behind him, “What was that?!” Toraz clasp his sword, “Something’s coming, and it sounds large!” Zaver grabs his sword and steps in front of Zulf; Toraz goes in front of him. “You know I don’t need protection let alone from you!” Toraz turns his head towards Zaver and gives a low growl. Zaver bares his teeth and focuses at the source of the sound, not knowing who or what is going to pop out.

As the rustling draws nearer, Zaver is clenching his teeth with either adrenalin or fear. He steals a look over at Toraz and sees his jaw tightening and his eyes darting. The group still focus at the situation at hand, ‘If Toraz is right then me and him are going to have to work together if we want to take it down since Zulf doesn’t have any weapons let alone any kind of weapon experience’. A figure burst through the bushes much bigger than Toraz and Zaver. All they can see was a hulking figure looming over them, that’s when a deep, loud, voice echoes in their ears. “What do we have here, a samurai and possibly his student, and what’s this, a bar tender or even a waiter, what an odd mix,” the figures laughs like mad when Zaver feels himself being pulled back as if in slow motion, he sees Toraz falling with him. All that he feels is a hard surface hitting his head and a black ring around his vision. All he sees is the figure looming over him once more before shutting his eyes.

Guest Story of the Week - Rouge and Skxs (The Encounter - Part 1)

 It’s another beautiful day in the land of Huminia. The clouds were wispy and soothing, and the air was crisp and clean as if rain had passed over night without notice. Somewhere in Huminia forest was a small, modest town. The town had a few houses and buildings here and there, a juice bar, market and what not, all nestled at the base of a small hill. On top of this hill was a cabin with room enough for 4 lived only 2. Laila and Zaver, brother and sister, lived in this modest cabin for as long as they remember.  Laila, only 18, is a brave and cunning Mtn. Lion, always involved in town festivals or out and about, with the help of Zaver and her old friend, Eliz, she is an excellent navigator and also a weapons master who's skill can match even a well trained samurai. Zaver, 21, is a strong, courage’s Mtn. Lion who had has a bit of an attitude and stubborn at times but always is kind to his little sister. He always protected and cared for her ever since their parents died from an ambush of thieves.

                Zaver woke up from a good night’s sleep by a rattling sound outside. He got up and walked towards the window to see a clear day. He sees the forest flowing with the hills and looks down to see one of the market workers carrying apples to his stand and the Elf city hiding behind the hills, Zaver grunts and gets his stuff ready for his walk around his forest. As he heads out the door Laila walks down the stairs to greet him. “Hey Zaver, heading out for your walk so soon already?” she ask with grogginess. “Ya, why are you so early anyways” he looks over at the clock” it’s barely 6:00 and you usually wake up when I get back from walking?”. “Hehe, I’m just going to work on the garden for a bit no big deal really, then maybe I’ll go see Eliz, he got some new maps of Huminia forest that I’m dying to see,” she notices Zavers Kurai blade lying on its side against the wall. “Your going to take your sword right,” she gives him a slight smirk “remember last time you left it by accident?” Laila cracks up with the thought of it, Zaver blushes at the mention at it. A few weeks back, while Zaver was looking for a thief who took some vegetables from Laila’s garden, he accidently stepped into a tentacle creature’s trap and was tied upside down for hours until Laila managed to cut him down with his sword. “I told you not to mention it.” He blushes slightly. “Well it was your fault that ‘thief’ was one of the market place workers, I forgot his name but he paid me for those vegetables!” she laughs so hard that glass could break. “Aye, stop it, gees you can’t stop running your mouth can you” he crosses his arms and gives her a stern look. “Well sorry it’s hard not laugh ok,” she walks towards the kitchen “can you pick up some spices for me were running low on some”. He walks over to the cabinet and notices that they are running low on some “Fine, I will, but don’t go out to the forest, ok?” ”OK, I will, remember to take your sword” she hands the black tipped sword.

 The Kurai sword was a special sword; it was formed from a mystic iron ore from deep in Huminia forest, it never dulls, never rust up, plus it can never bend under weight. One time a while back when Laila was merely 12 and Zaver was 15, Laila had caught a harmful sickness that could kill her if not treated; the only herbs that could heal her were deep in the forest and were had to get to. Zaver volunteered to get the herbs even though the Doc. advised against him not to because of the storm but he already was out the door by the time he mentioned it. He remembers while he was walking back he was surrounded by four roadside bandits. They asked what he was carrying in back pack but Zaver didn’t answer, he just ran straight for his home. Not in fear or knowing he’ll lose he ran in fear of losing his sister. But the bandits were ready for a chase the instantly caught him and tried prying the backpack away from him but he didn’t them. Their claws dug into his skin as the tried to make him let go (the reason why he has scars on his arms, neck, and face), they tried everything but the last things Zaver remember was that one of them kicked him toward one of the rocks and made him slammed right into it, and that he grabs onto it to get up. Instead of feeling a wet, cold, surface, he felt it form between his hands. He then saw the rock disappear into a sword, it was black tipped and was warm at the touch. After that, the only thing Zaver remembers was running into the house and handing the Doc. the herbs. Ever since that day he’s been practicing, the only time he actually had to use it was for a demon that wandered into town. “Well, see you around,” he picks up the sword and straps it to his belt. He walks out, heading towards the market he sees some of the villagers point at him and whispering to his buddy. He knows about the rumors that surround him, some of them are not even believable. He has heard one of them over and over from time to time, which he's related to some legendary sword master or went to some training ground.*Humph* He begins to think to himself ‘Just because I have sword and know how to use it doesn’t mean he related to some legendary guy let alone, go to some dojo in the middle of nowhere’.  He continues walking towards the market to get the spices; he passes the bar and the path that leads to the elf city. He reaches the market and walks over to the spice marketer. He pays for the spices Laila like and some of his and leaves the marketplace.

As he walks past Lailia’s favorite flower stand, a powerful gust of wind nearly blows him into the sand,”Ngh, gees what’s up with this wind”. As he opens his eyes sees that ended up at what appeared to be a road or some recent clearing. He examines it more, it was recently cleared, then he recognizes who did it ‘It must have been Eliz; He was making a new house for a new comer’. He shrugs and turns around, after a few steps he hears a rustle behind him. Zaver turns around with his gloved hand griping his sword, ready for an attack. He looks around behind him, no movement or signs of life anywhere. He thinks to himself ‘Odd I could have sworn I heard something moving’. He continues walking up the hill, he sees the cabin coming into view when he hears more rustling but this time as he turns around he sees a figure jolt behind a bush. Zaver inches his way toward the cabin when he notices Laila come out with a bamboo stick. He beacons her to go inside but nods no and walks toward him. He places his hand on his sword ready to either slash or block. He makes one little step when the figure leaps out carrying what appears to be a sword itself. Zaver leaps back as the attacker lands ready for to lounge. Zaver turns to see Laila running, grabbing her bamboo stick ready to step in for back up. Zaver turns and runs back to the cabin to protect his sister in case of anything. But as he runs back the attacker tackles him to the ground, Zaver squirms free to only see the thug ready to strike. Zaver draws his sword and blocks the attack at the last second, he notices the thugs’ eyes, and they were piercing, and the sword was blood stained red ‘This is not good’. Zaver maintains his position, and doesn’t give in to the attacker’s strength. But Zaver begins to lose his ground and begins to struggle to keep the blade at bay ‘Definitely not good’. As the opposing blade draws near, a bamboo stick lands the thug right in the chest sending him stammering back a few steps. Laila, standing next to Zaver, was holding the weapon in a defensive position.

“I told you to wait inside!”

“I couldn’t stand back to watch you be nearly slaughtered!!”

“Fine but just keep at a distance; don’t want you to protect me!”

“You don’t have a choice now do ya!”

                As they bicker over who fights another character approaches the battle scene. “Toraz, stop, he’s not the guy were after,” a wolf dressed in a bar tender outfit rushes in to stop the feud “Sorry ‘bout that he’s a bit of a head hunter at times.” The wolf explains the situation to Zaver and Laila, and then recalls the events that happened in the bar earlier. “A bit of a misunderstanding right Toraz?” he nudges at the tiger standing still next to him, still having his sword drawn, Zaver doing the same. “Come on let go inside, he already explained everything so put that sword away and let’s go,” she pulls him toward the house “thanks for stopping the fight… um… what’s your name either way?”

“The name’s Zulf, sorry ‘bout that again!”

“Just keep him under check you don’t know what my brother is able to do when peeved”

“Got it, I will!”

Zulf and Toraz disappear into the woods while Laila pulls Zaver into the house. She grabs his backpack and empties the spices. “Just relax I’m fine, it was all a misunderstanding ok, look do you see a any scratches, no so I’m fine just relax already!” She takes the sword away from him and it knocks him out of his protective trance. He sits down and doesn’t speak for a few minutes. Then there’s a knock at the door, Zaver tells Laila to hid, Zaver opens the door to only see the same thug who attacked earlier with Zulf ‘Toraz’, Zavers jaw tightens and waits for Toraz to make a move. Their eyes meeting each other, glaring, waiting for someone to move.

Guest Story of the Week - Raz (part 3)

It was Tuesday evening. It was around five past eight. Buildings, houses, departments, stores, billboards, were lit up shining like small fireflies moving backward as Kayler’s car speeded and speeded up to get on time before Huminia university definitely closed for the rest of the day. Kayler didn’t even consider getting a traffic fine for exceeding speed. It was totally odd because he had always been known for being prudent when driving. He noticed how fast he was going and slowly stopped his car at one side of the street. He said to himself:


Kayler: “What am I doing? Am I serious? This is completely ridiculous and stupid. I can even lose my job for minding other’s people business. It’s getting late and tomorrow Friday I have the morning shift.”


He began to change his mind regarding finding out what was going on with that patient. He continues driving. Now, he was finally home. It was 8: 15 pm. He looked for the keys to open the department’s door. Those were in his pocket. His handkerchief occupied a space there too. When he pulled with force the keys out his pocket, he had dropped something. It seemed like a white paper ball. It wasn’t. As soon as he picked it up, he knew what it was and more importantly, who had been used with. He drew near the handkerchief to his nose. He distinguished that it had a pleasant and distinctive smell still impregnated on it. It was Luthan’s. Kayler sniffed it unhurriedly and he immediately remembered the scene when he wipe dried Luthan’s tear at the hospital. Then, he started rubbing it over his cheek. He felt aroused with the idea that it may be instead Luthan’s palm touching his neck. He stopped since his bulge was growing. He got back to his car. He sat down and tried to make up his mind. He thought:

 Kayler: “I think all this is worthy after all. I gotta know more about him. I don’t longer care about who wrote that dammit letter. I want him for me and nobody else! Yes, If I get informed about him, I can have a chance. But if he isn’t gay. What would happen if I discovered that the sender is a woman? Fuck, what should I do?”


Kayler was more undecided than before. He saw his watch. I was 8 and a half. He thought one, twice, and thrice the resulting consequences of his actions; nevertheless, he took a decision. He would risk everything for that guy. He was tired of being the good, silly boy who never risked himself for love. There was not turning back. It’d been already decided. He changed his uniform quickly and put on casual clothes in order to be unnoticed among students. He started again his car and drove straight to Huminia University. He was self-confident this time. He got there without much trouble. He thought:


Kayler: “Finally, here. Let’s find the classroom and people he has been teaching these days.”


He left his car in front of the university main entrance. Then, he crossed the road and went in. I was like his first time there. Kayler hadn’t remembered how huge the university was until he stepped in. He had a plan on mind. He would pretend he was a new student in order to ask for Luthan, the teacher. He also knew where to ask first. He went to reception. There was a secretary who helped him with all his questions. She finally told him:

Secretary: “The group you’re looking for is on room 205. By 9: 00 p.m. they will have left the classrooms, so just find some of them and simply ask them what you need to be up to day. Again, welcome and good luck.”

Kayler thought while waving his hand to say good- bye to the secretary:


Kayler: “Good luck; yep that’s what I need. Let’s hurry up.” 


He got to the right classroom room. He was on time. As he reached the room, the students were leaving. There were few teachers on the halls. He breathed deeply and looked for some students. Naturally, he chose boys. He didn’t want to mix up with girls. In the classroom, there were seven students still writing something from the board. He introduced himself and started his little interrogatory:

Kayler: “Hey, buddies. Do ya know who’s teaching that course … eh how’s called? Ah, yeah, sexual education … It’s that I hafta take it this semester … and … and I’ ve been absent a couple of weeks and I wonder if you can …”


He hadn’t finished his sentence when a big guy interrupted him. He was the kind of student who spoils the others, the troublemaker. He looked kind of moody. He was in the last seat of the classroom and said pejoratively:


Student: “What’d the hell ya want with Mr. Sissy?”


Kayler got mad immediately. He was angry. He never felt such abhorrence for someone until that day. Kayler tried to cool down, but it was tough for him. Kayler reacted and said:


Kayler: “He has a name, ya know? And that’s not the way to address to a …”


The student interrupted him again and with a smile on his face stated:


Student: “I don’t care what’s his name. What I know if that there’s rumors. People here said that he fucked a student. That bastard. Better he never come back!”


Kayler couldn’t keep in his wrath any longer and yelled to the foul-mouthed student:


Kayler: “Shut up, you asshole. You don’t even know what you’re talking about?”

The student started to laugh at Kayler and began to mock him. The other boys stared at Kayler and chuckled. The student replied:


The student: “Ha, ha, ha. So what’d we have here? Let’s see … another to put on Mr. Syssy’s fuck- me list! Another admirer … boyfriend, perhaps? That teacher is a real bitch, you know. First with that exchange student and now, who’s the next? … YOU!”


Kayler literally exploded. His rage was going up. He had lost control. He didn’t change his angry eyes on that student. He was his target. He got to him with the intention of punching his face. Kayler pulled him from the t-shirt and said:


Kayler: “Repeat that again, ah, you, son of a bitch. I’m his friend and nobody insults him like that!”


The other students got pale when saw Kayler's reaction. Kayler’s strength was unstoppable since with just one hand, he threw away the guy over a pile of desks in the classrooms. The big guy didn’t surrender that easy. He stood up and scrambled to Kayler. The real fight had began. Both fighters began to split some blood from their mouths. They looked like boxers in a ring. They fought fiercely. A crowd of students formed a circle of gossipy spectators in the classroom. The big guy's friends kept frozen. Nobody wanted to stop them or face them. It was such as an amusing spectacle. It seemed that they were going to kill each other. They were kind of dizzy and tired, but neither of them held down their fists. It was until the dean, alerted by the noise, who stopped the fight. When the other students saw him coming, all they fled without hesitation. The two fighters stayed alone in the room. Then, the dean talked severely to them:


The dean:It’s unbelievable, unforgettable. What the heck is happening to you, boys these days? Such undesirable behavior is not allowed in this prestigious university. There’s no necessity to remind you that you both are thereby expelled from here.  Take your things and leave the place immediately. Ah, Mr. Johnson, this is the last straw! Your parents will hear of me again.”   


The dean was about to leave the scandalous scene in order to resume his paperwork when he recognized the guy in disguise. He couldn’t forget one of the best students who had graduated with honors in the university and from the Faculty of Medicine, but he was bewildered. If he was Kayler, he felt disappointed since he always considered him like a son. He tapped Kayler’s shoulder and said:


The dean: “Come to my office now … Kayler. I need an explanation of what had happened just before.”


Kayler nodded and followed him. In the dean’s office, Kayler explained why he had visited the university and his intention regarding teacher, Luthan. Kayler evidently didn’t tell the real purpose of his visit to the dean. Even with an elaborated explanation Kayler provided to the dean, this latter didn’t understand very well the purpose of that visit after all. He said:


The dean: “Let me see if I can make things clearer. You are saying that you paid a visit to the university merely to know a little more about teacher Luthan. Why? Ok, you have just told me that you were worrying about him and that now you’re his nurse, but for me, it makes no sense at all.”


Kayler replied saying:


Kayler: “Dean, I don’t expect that you understand everything. I did what I did because he is one of my patients and I just wanted to know how things were working here in his absence, just that, so that when he wake up, I will tell him the scenario around here.”


The dean finally agreed to what Kayler had stated. However, the fight couldn´t remain unpunished. As the other student, Kayler was told to leave the university permanently. The access was banned to him too. The dean, kind of sad, said:


The dean: “I’m sorry, my old friend. You perfectly know how rules work. You cannot come any longer to this place. Let me tell you that I’m very disappointed with your attitude,. I never imagined that you would behave like that. If I wanted, I could tell everything to your superiors at the hospital, but I just can’t. Go and hope to see you, but in better circumstances.”


Kayler left quickly the university. His research for answers has only lead to real trouble. It had caused him to be expelled from the university he had graduated one time. When he got into his car, his own self was broken. He felt the stupidest person in the world. The only comfort that maintained him in peace was Luthan. His problematic encounter with the student not only let him scars and bruises, it also gave him more hope of having something with Luthan. Some important facts were presented to him. The problem was that as the student said there were just rumors about Luthan’s sexual preferences, yet Kayler was determined once more to get to the very bottom of this. He got to his apartment. He went in. He was completely harmed. The little stamina he had helped it to drag himself on the sofa. He exclaimed:


Kayler:  “No matter what it takes me, but I need to find out. It’s my last change. My last chance of true love …”


As he uttered those words, he fell asleep. He was worn-out. He didn’t go to work the next day. It was Friday in the morning. It was the same morning when Luthan opened his eyes …


Week's Up Part Four


    The lights were dim as Volhsen hurriedly worked to finish making the morning breakfast.  A mountain of freshly baked muffins were on the right of him stacked ever so neatly on a clean yellow plate.  His hands made quick work of last batch of muffin batter, spot of white splattering all over the kitchen counter.  Tired as he was he couldn't allow himself to stop.  Just stay busy, keep working...  This became his new found mantra during the past few days; if one continues to work one doesn't have time to think, right? 
    It was futile though, any second that ticked away was another second spent trying to not think about Xerude, which was of course, still thinking of Xerude.  After his little sojourn into the forest with the green gentleman his has spent nearly every waking moment avoiding him.  It didn't really matter if it meant shirking his duties to lead the newcomers, which really pained him so, but he just couldn't bear looking at the man that had thrilled him and rejected him.  It was far too much to have on his heart. 
    His breath glided out of his mouth in a long and worn out sigh, its warmth gathering on the muffin mix.  Despite his best, and useless, efforts Xerude stayed within his mind. Whether it was as glimpses of his perfect body sprawled out on top of his bed or that stern attitude from the forest, he was there.  His hand gripped his forehead in annoyance, Why?  I just don't understand, does he want me?  Do I want him?  What for?  Goddamn it, I'm so sick of this questions!!  His hand slammed the counter with a rattling force, the nearby utensils quivered.  
    "Woah there, don't take it out on the muffins.  They're nothing but innocent."
    A familiar voice broke through his haze, "Driver?"  Volhsen glanced over his shoulder, Driver stood leaning against the doorway with his hands up.  "Why are you up so early?" he asked bleakly.
    "Shouldn't I be asking that question?"  He stepped lightly as he leaned over Volhsen.  "Thought it was my turn to cook the breakfast.  But then again, its been sorta my turn for darn near everything ain't?  The horses, the tours, the cleaning..."
    He let out a small cry, "I know, I know...I'm a terrible person."  Volhsen banged his head against the counter with each word.  
    "Hey now, none of that.  I didn't come here to start the pity party.  I came here to straighten you out."
    "Hmm?"  Volhsen looked up.
    "It's been two days since your little 'tour' in the forest with Mr. Green.  Since then, you've been nothing but a sad sack.  It's like working with a wilting flower.  It's just depressing and odd."
    A smile crept on his lips, Driver sure knew how to make him feel a little bit better. 
    "What exactly happened between you two?  And don't you dare spare the details, I'm gonna need every little bit."
    Volhsen straightened up and then leaned against the counter looking towards Driver, his eyes shifting between him and the floor.  "Every detail?"
    "Every single one."
    Volhsen sighed as he recounted his story. 
    Every time he started to skip over a certain detail Driver would hush him and tell him to say it all.  As he spilled every detail Driver munched on a near by muffin.  His chews were silent as he peered from half closed eyes.  As the tale was finished Driver blinked a few times, "Hoo, that is...one heck of a couple days."
    "You're telling me..."
    "Well, I can't really say much about what you should do about Xerude...But I can tell you what you should do for you."
    "For the past few days, heck, the past few years, everything you've ever done has been for other people.  Whether it was for you pa, God rest his soul, for the fresh faces that come here every year, or for Xerude, a man ya just met only awhile ago!  Why don't you just be selfish for once and do whatever it is that you want to do!  If ya want to screw Xerude, fine!  If ya just want to just forget about it, then that's fine too!  Volhsen..."  Driver set his hands upon his shoulders.  "Just do whatever it is that you want to do."
    Volhsen felt his chest become heavy as he let his head hang against Driver.   "Whatever?"  His voice was no higher than a pained whisper.
    "Anything ya want." 
    Volhsen sniffled for a second.  He let out three long breaths before he rose up and stared straight towards Driver, eyes ablaze. 
    "I'm gonna need your car."


    A yawn escaped from the lips of a rather muscular green gentleman as he laid upon the bed.  His limbs sprawled out past the bed, his legs hanging like tree branches.  Despite his good night's sleep he couldn't help but feel a little bit...uneasy.  Looking towards the wood ceiling all he could really see was the shape of Volhsen in every branch marking.  As much as he was a flirtatious fox around boys he was always careful around the guys who haven't lost their virginity.  But with Volhsen, it was much worse.  With city boys, they would get over it quickly, though some would follow him around like a puppy, waiting for him to come back to him with flowers and candy.  It was always such a hassle dealing with such things.  But when it came to Volhsen, he almost wanted to do that.  It is always a tug-o-war with him.  As much as he wanted to do nothing but grab him by his cute perky little butt and slam him against a wall and take him completely he knew he couldn't.  He shouldn't.  It was different from city boys, he was different. 
     He's a special case, I can't just simply fuck and run here.  I want to make sure he's ok...God what the hell is wrong with me?!  Heck, I've done things that would make a porn star blush!  Yet here I am worrying over a little cowboy! 
     Aggravated he turned over and hugged his pillow.  It smelled like Volhsen.  Heck, nearly everything smells like Volhsen.  Everything around here is him.  Itching to move Xerude pushed himself off the bed and quickly got dressed.  A tight white v-neck tee with some faded jeans.  Simple enough.  Pulling on his shoes and made quick work of the hallway and made it outside in a green flash.  Walking along the path he made it to where all the others guests were, some surrounding a large table which was filled with foods, others were sitting down at nearby tables.  Seems that breakfast is outside. 
     Making his way through the bodies he made it to the table and immediately grabbed a muffin.  Munching into it, he's eye caught Driver sitting all by himself.  "Hey," he said with a mouthful of muffin as sat down in front of him.
     Driver didn't say anything. He was staring off into the air.
     "Um.  Everything alright up in there?" Xerude asked.
     He sighed.  "No."  He faced towards Xerude, his eyes were seemed heavy with a burden.
     "Why exactly?"  His mouth was covered in crumbs.
     "I don't know why I should tell you...You're the one that caused it."
     Xerude's eyebrows furrowed.  "Caused what?"
      "Volhsen left."
     The words pierced Xerude.  "What!?  I don't, I con't understand!  Why?"
     "Isn't obvious?  It was because of you.  You're messing with him and in turn, it mess him up!  This morning he was a mess!  Probably didn't even get any sleep poor thing."
     "But I haven't done anything to him!  All I've done-"
     Driver cut him off, "All you've done is mess with his head and his heart!"
     Xerude didn't say a thing.
     "Because of you he left, said he was gonna be back soon, but I have my doubts."
     "Where did he go exactly?"
     "The city.  Said he was gonna get some experience or something, which I figured will do him some good.  Get some air."
     The words seem to hit Xerude in waves.  "Wait, what did you say?"
     "Said he went to city."
     "No no, after that!"
     "Experience or something?" Driver replied pensively.
     "Shit, shit, shit, shit!" Xerude's reaction brought some unwanted attention as the others stared.
     Xerude's hand rubbed his forehead in frustration, "Come 'ere."  He grabbed Driver by the arm and brought beside the corral.  "He's going to the city to have sex," he whispered harshly. 
      "What are you talking about!?  Volhsen would never do such a thing!"
      "That's the point.  Earlier I told him he should get some experience.  I didn't think he would actually do it!"
      "This is Volhsen, of course he would!"
      "I know, I know!"  Xerude was frantic, "I gotta go stop him."
      "Wait, why the hell should I let you go?  Just so you can have him first?"
      "No that's no it!  It shouldn't be this way!  It should be with-"  Xerude stopped and let the word hang.  He stared off into the dirt.  Xerude spoke softly,  "It shouldn't be like this.  It'll probably be just some floozy or drunk that touches him and... I can't have that.  I won't."  
      Driver relaxed a bit.  "So this is what's it 'bout.  You like him."
      "What?  No I-"
      "Let me ask ya something, have ya ever spent this much time worrying over a boy?"
      Xerude tried forming an answer, but nothing came out.
      "Hmm.  Who da thunk it."  Driver fished out of his pocket one singular key.  "Look.  Volhsen is really a fragile kind of guy.  As much as I love to joke around with the guy I really do care for him.  He's like a little brother.  I won't let anyone hurt him.  My fear is that you're just gonna break his little heart.  But I also know that you're the only person here who could actually put some sort of sense into the kid.  So take this key and get your ass to the city.  He's a crap of a driver so he shouldn't be that far in the city yet, if ya take the vehicle in the the barn ya should get there pretty quick." 
      Xerude was silent for a second.  Taking the key he held in his hand for moment.  "...Thank you." 
      "Yeah yeah, just hurry.  And make sure you're gentle with him."  Driver smiled.
      Xerude smiled back as he quickly ran towards the barn.  He threw open the large doors and searched for a car.  But there was nothing.  He searched frantically around the barn for something he could ride.  His eye caught an oddly shaped thing covered by a large tarp, it was sitting in the corner.  Xerude walked up to it and stood there for only a second before flinging off the tarp.  Underneath was a large motorcycle.


Guest Story of the Week - Raz (part 2)

Chapter 3: The Awakening 

It was Friday in the morning. It was really early. It was around six and a half. Most staff at the Huminia Hospital had initiated their schedule as usually. The atmosphere there was calm and peaceful. However, the hospital seems quite empty and lonely since everything looked locked and kept apart. The hospital halls remained as white as they should be, yet for a second they darkened with a muffled scream coming from a patient’s room. It was precisely from Luthan’s room. He had wakened after a long wait. He was much disoriented and stunned than happy to be part again of reality. A nurse who was on duty heard the noise and went directly to Luthan’s room. She turned the doorknob, opened the door, and with a agitated voice exclaimed to the immobile figure sit on the bed:


Nurse: My goodness, sir, are you ok? I ran to here ‘cause I heard someone screaming. It got me by surprise. I didn’t expect it. Let me turn on the light, I can’t see you very well.


After the nurse turned the lights, she found a man, but looking like a scared little child. She felt immediately sorry for him. She continued saying:


Nurse: It’s alright, sir. I’m here to help.


She took Luthan’s file. She realized he was the patient all people were talking about some days before. She approached to him and with her soft hand tapped his shoulder. She said:


Nurse: Don´t worry, sir. It’s great that you finally wake up, but tell me how may I help you?


Luthan was still half-conscious. His glance appeared lost. His mouth was tightly closed. When he recovered completely all his senses, he turned quickly his head to her and uttered:


Luthan: Whhaaat happened. Where am I? My chest aches a lot. He frowned doubtfully and asked:


Luthan: Aaand … who are you?


The nurse thought he was suffering from amnesia. Before jumping into conclusions, she asked:


Nurse: Don’t you remembered what happened to you a couple of days ago. Sir, you had a car accident. We are at Huminia Hospital.


When Luthan listened to those words, he put his hands of his forehead. He had a terrible headache. He closed his eyes for a second. It was clear now. On his mind, he could watch everything. It was like a movie being broadcast. Every single detail was clear by now. He was astonished. His lips stayed open for a while. He swallowed some saliva. He said to the nurse:


Luthan: Now I remember… I was driving back home ... When I crashed that tree. And well, you know the rest … right?  


Nurse: I ... I am afraid I don’t. Anyway, I think you are much more recovered than before. Your bruises are almost disappearing and let me see… She gave a close look to Luthan’s gauze bandages and examined his ribs. Yep, it seems that your chest is ok too. She smiled. Maybe you can leave the hospital today!


Luthan was not that joyful as the nurse was. Many thoughts revolved around his head. All of the sudden, he said loudly:


Luthan: AHHH, my students´papers! How long have I been here? My suitcase … my suitcase. Where’s my …


He was a little anxious. He tried to stand up. The nurse stopped him. She said kind of angry:


Nurse: Calm down, sir. I said that you are better, but PLEASE don’t risk yourself. You are still hurt, ok. Go back to bed, please. And let me find out if there are news about that suitcase. You can take a nap meanwhile. I’ll be right back. Don’t move from here, ok.


He nodded. He followed the nurse’s order. He was a little tired. He rested a little on the bed. Luthan fell asleep. He started to dream, yet he was extremely conscious about what he was dreaming about.

He found himself walking completely naked in a sort of meadow. The grass was light green and the breeze was fresh. It smelled like lavender. Daisies were flowering everywhere and the sky looked cloudless. It was sunny. It was the perfect landscape. In the dream, Luthan was contemplating the beauty of nature when someone came behind him and hugged him with big strong, well-built arms. The stranger was nude too. Even if it was an estranger, Luthan didn’t fear him, this estranger was actually familiar to him. Luthan had no need to turn around since he apparently knew who this person was. The stranger began to caress Luthan’s chest. Luthan started to feel a little bit horny. As if the stranger realized that he was giving pleasure to his man, he continued touching Luthan’s body. He certainly knew what Luthan liked. The stranger moved his hand to one of Luthan’s nipples. He began to circle it with his finger. In fact, this made Luthan to get very teased. Then, the stranger proceeded kissing slowly Luthan’s neck. Luthan was petrified. His body was literally boiling. In the dream, Luthan was leaking. His precum had turned into a small, crystalline puddle. What a powerful influence this estranger had over Luthan. Both bodies were almost fused together. The stranger’s erected penis laid on Luthan’s buttons. It was throbbing. Luthan tremendously, desperately wanted to be fucked without delay. However, Luthan heard his mysterious lover murmuring to his left ear the following:


???:  Shall we begin teacher our private classes?


After those electrifying words, Luthan woke up from that wonderful dream. He was sweating. He was all wet. He had cummed on his underwear. This erotic fantasy exhausted him. He felt embarrassed and covered up his body with the bed blanket, so nobody couldn’t tell what had happened, either the nurse who was coming in at that time hanging a dirty, crumply suitcase.


Nurse: Sir, Is everything fine? You look very pale. Would you like me to bring you a glass of water or something?


Luthan was even more embarrassed. He could just say with a weak voice:


Luthan: Yees, I think … I think some water’s ok.


The nurse brought the water. Luthan drank it up. She gave the suitcase to him. She said:


Nurse: Here you go, sir. From the accident, this is the only thing, they could rescue apart from you, of course! She chuckled.


Luthan: Thank you very much. My things from the university are like a treasure to me. Ahhh, wait a minute, you said THEY, who are they?


Nurse: Oh, I mean the boys, the firefighters from Huminia Fire Department. The other nurses told me that one of them was who saved your life, but they didn’t tell me his name.    


Luthan disappeared from reality again. His head ached one more time. Luthan for some moment started to remember something vague and gray. A memory came to his head. He could distinguish in his mind the face of someone, but what caught his attention and what Luthan best recalled was a pair of sky blue eyes and a particular mark on the face, a dimple.         

The nurse was worried and asked:


Nurse: Do you feel fine, sir. I think you will need some aspirins, your way back home!

Luthan: Back home?


Nurse: Yes, I was also talking to the doctor in charge of you and told me that you can go home now.


Luthan: Great! But where are my glasses?


Nurse: Ah, I could find any glasses. Perhaps they got crashed with the accident. I’m sorry…


Luthan: It’s ok. I’ll buy new ones. Anyway, they made me look older like a grandpa or at least that what most students told me when I wore them.


Nurse: Well, sir. Let me tell you that you are pretty with or without them!


Luthan got red. It was a compliment from a woman. He hadn’t received such flattering from a beautiful woman from many years ago. His relationships with women let his heart broken to the point that he preferred to be single for a long time and devote his life to his career until he eventually met the mysterious man. Luthan said some words with difficulty:


Luthan: TTThanks, I think…


Nurse: You don’t have to feel uncomfortable. I just want to be friendly. I’m sorry if I inconvenienced you with my comment. 


Luthan: No, no and you can stop calling “Sir”. Just tell me, Luthan.


Nurse: Well , Sir… I’m sor… Luthan, right? Nice to meet you. I’m Esther.


Luthan: Well, nice to meet you too, miss Esther!


Nurse Esther: Just Esther, please! It’s a shame you have to go. I would like to have a coffee with you someday.


Luthan: I think it’s a excellent idea.


Nurse Esther: Do you think so?


Luthan: Yes!


Nurse Esther: So … Could I call you?


Luthan: Well, yeesss… Do you have my cell …?


Nurse Esther: It’s in your patient’s file. If is ok to you …


Luthan: Yes, we can gather one of these days. I just beg you some time to arrange and fix up everything in the university first.


Nurse Esther: Fine. Don’t worry!


Luthan: Well, thank you very much for your help, Esther.


Nurse Esther: Actually, I can’t hold all the credit. My partner helped too.


Luthan: Your partner?


Nurse Esther: Yes, he is another inter like me. His name is Kayler. Umm, for some reason, he hasn’t arrived yet and I have been supplying him.


Luthan: I see. Kayler. Well, I need to go now. I promise I will bring you both something nice for your perfect assistance.


Nurse Esther: It’s not necessary, sir. Good-bye and drive carefully. She smiled.


Luthan smiled back to her. He said:


Luthan: I will and see you soon. I promise!


Luthan took his belongings. He put on some new clothes his family had brought to him. He left the hospital. He went in the first bus that drove near his house. Being in his home, he thought that it would be better for him to start over everything. If he had another opportunity to live, he should change several things in his life. He thought that one of those life improvements was precisely dating with girls …

Guest Story of the Week - Raz

Chapter 1: Destiny or Luck 

The story begins a normal day as Monday. The day was getting darker and darker. It was already evening because a busy man like Luthan sometimes cannot have track of time. He is a University teacher at Huminia and his days are always filled with long itineraries to fulfill and activities to develop for his students and he is the kind of professional who cannot let down his dear pupils since they are all for him and the very reason why he moved to this city. Even though, he is new in this huge city. Something positive to mention is that he is easy-going and friendly and it was not difficult for him to be accepted for most students and other residents that frequent him. It was late when he had left the institution. He was checking some compositions about erogenous body zones. It may be unusual or even disreputable for a teacher to ask for those topics, but for Luthan whose major is precisely Sexual Education, was totally normal. He realized how late it was when he fell asleep being sit in his chair. Suddenly, he knocked his head on the desk and quickly opened his eyes, looked up his watch and resolved to finish his work at home. At the parking lot, he, really sleepy, successfully started his car and drove back his way home. For him, it was not important either time or situation. If there was a task to do, he will do his best to finish it, no matter what. Having this in mind, he was thinking on making some coffee to continue checking his students’ papers and bring them with a grade the next day. Unfortunately, he would not be that convinced before knowing what it was about to happen.        

For some reason, he turned abruptly and ended up crashing his car on a nearby old tree. Hopefully, he had buckled his seat belt at the moment of the accident, so it helps to avoid getting not so grave injuries; nevertheless, both the impact and the fright Luthan experienced had melded to make him become unconscious for a while. His so valuable time turned into a motionless, black space where no sound no live exited. He was almost vanishing when he heard a calming yet determined voice constantly saying…

???:  Sir, don’t worry I gonna take you out this predicament. I’m here to help. An ambulance is coming. I’m a special member of Huminia Fire Department. My name’s Draedev and everything’s gonna be alright, sir!


Chapter 2: At the Hospital 

Two days had passed since that awful car accident. Luthan had been taking by the ambulance. It was early in the morning. It was already Thursday. Luthan lied asleep on a bed at Huminia Hospital. He looked defenseless and fragile. He was in a kind of comma state, yet he was recovering little by little. Because of the grave of the accident, it was necessary during the rescue to tear up part of his outfit, so he got to the hospital with his clothes ripped. Being there, it was decided to put him on a patient gown and take him to the examination room in order to evaluate his condition, so Luthan was actually wearing no more than his underwear when he was finally sent to the recovery room. Every single nurse, doctor, or patient regardless gender usually stopped by Luthan’s room just to admire that handsome specimen who was like a fallen angel waiting to be revived by a kiss. The reason was quite obvious. The thin surface of the gown accentuated a vigorous torso. His biceps, triceps, chest, and abs were well worked out and were amazing to stare at. More than one person, who walks near that room, couldn’t help having a least one lusty thought induced by Luthan’s presence because that body only produces that reaction. Along with his fitness, there was his glorious, big bulge. Unmistakably, Luthan seemed like a birthday present waiting to be unwrapped or even better, an ice- cream ready to be licked in a sunny day.  Although he looks that yummy, he was not ok. He was still injured and unconscious. There were some bruises on his perfect face and he got some broken ribs from the accident, yet his status was not critical. During his stay at the hospital, he was bathed and healed with extremely care by the personnel. Eventually, It was necessary to change his gauze bandages for new ones. This work was assigned to male nurse Kayler, one of the best inters at the whole hospital. He promptly assumed this task with much efficiency and responsibility as he always did; nevertheless, he had no idea who would be the patient he was about to take care of. When Kayler went in Luthan’s room, he didn’t perceive him at once since he was reading Luthan’s file and never imagined he would be in front of a real hottie. Then, as soon as Kayler raised his head pointed to the bed, his eyes were wide open for a second and got surprised; he hadn’t seen such as sexy man before. He felt somewhat honored and couldn’t hold his happiness to assist this patient. At first, his hands were trembling a little when he put out the blanket that kept Luthan warm. It was like opening a Christmas gift. He felt relieved when he could finally manage that. Then, he proceeded. He skillfully unbuttoned the gown but rashly as well because Kayler started feeling a little agitated, but it was more a feeling of arousal. He stopped for a second to take in some air and continue. He put up Luthan in order to remove the bandages from his chest. All of the sudden, Luthan gave a hug to Kayle being still asleep. It was a strong yet tender hug. Kayler tried to release himself, but his efforts were useless. Luthan hugged him closer and closer to his body. Kayler didn’t know what to do. He began sweating. He blushed. Unexpectedly, some words scaped from Luthan’s lips right to Kayler´s ears.

Luthan: Be gently … I’m yours forever …

Kayler virtually pushed away Luthan back to the bed. It was not because of that love-like confession Luthan just uttered to his ears, it was because he could feel how Luthan’s erected member was pressing on his belly during the hug. Kayler couldn’t help either getting a boner in his pants from his experience with this patient. He felt really guilty, confused, and miserable. He left the room quickly. He thought:

Kayler: It couldn’t be happening to me. How could I get aroused by a patient and even worst, in that deplorable condition… a patient. Damn it! Why me? Geez, how I permitted it? They’re my life now, my responsibility.

After sighing, Kayler took courage and went in the room again. He was determined to finish the task he was chosen for. For the meantime, Kayler laid on the bed resting peacefully as if nothing had happened. Kayler decided to approach to him slowly and cautiously in order not to deal with another uncomfortable moment and change his gauze bandages for good. Kayler was finshing his chore successfully when he perceived something strange falling down from Luthan’s face. It was a tear. Kayler immediately felt moved and took it away with a handkerchief he had on his pocket. Then, he put it back. Kayler started wondering why this guy had shed a tear. He thought:

Kayler: Such a odd guy we have here! He chuckled. First hugs … now tears … something must have happened to this poor dude apart from the accident. Umm, if I can just do something for him. Well, back to work. I have other patients who need my assistance.      

Before Kayler definitely left the room, he decided to make some clean since his unexpected encounter with Kayler made him accidentally dropped a bedside table. It was a mess. On the bedside table, there were countless of recovery postcards addressed to Luthan, but now they were all spread on the room’s floor. Kayler picked up one by one. He was a little curious about who had sent those postcards. He read some. He found out that they came from close friends, other teachers, and family. They kept unopened because it was evidently that Luthan was not able to read them at this point in time. Kayler placed them back, yet he had missed one under Luthan’s bed. This one was not a postcard. It was actually a letter in a red envelope. It was unopened as the others were, but it was signed in the front. It contained someone’s handwriting. It said, “Please, don’t forget me.”  Kayler continued reading, “To my dearest teacher who opened the doors of my heart and still keep the key.” The card had no sender. For Kayler was a complete mystery and for some reason he couldn’t explain that feeling; he felt urged to discover who had sent that letter. He let it on the bedside table as well as the other mail. He proceeded with his work at the hospital. When he was done. He went out the building. He said to himself:

Kayler: I think I should visit Huminia University. There have been a couple of years since I graduated from it and being there, I may get some answers. I just want to help that patient. Yes, it’s my duty. If I waste my time, at least I try.  

It was settled. Kayler would play the detective for a while. He drove to the university that evening. His mind was restless at the point that he wanted to know the true about Luthan and that letter. The real fact was that he started falling in love with that patient …


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